We Help our clients invest their money into propertY…

…not their time

London Belgravia Real Estate provide hands off property investment advice to a select group of clients.

We split our services into the following sections:


Property investment advice

Our clients are confident knowing that when they approach us for investment advice, they are approaching a team of property, financial and wealth professionals who will look at the client’s own specific individual situation rather than giving any ‘generic property advice’.

Relationship management

Once you’ve decided to work with us, you will have one point of contact through the entire process. They will update you on the stage milestones and provide ongoing advice throughout your investment journey.

Cash-flow analysis

We partner with our sister brand London Belgravia Wealth Management who create and analyse sophisticated cash-flow models for potential investment opportunities. This ensures that your investments will perform as you would expect over the long term like any other asset class.

Finance & Taxation

Leveraging financially can increase the potential returns of an investment significantly. In order to make sure our clients can maximise their investment capital we make sure that they are connected with the most suitable mortgage lenders for them.

Ongoing asset management

One of the most difficult and onerous parts of owning a large property portfolio is the ongoing management of the properties. Getting this aspect wrong can be a time-consuming and costly mistake to make. This is why we launched our own in-house management team specifically to look after our clients.


I was introduced to Jack and the team through a friend of mine as I was looking to buy a property. What I thought I wanted to do wasn’t a very good idea but thankfully jack and the team showed me the error of my ways and whilst educating me. I really appreciate all their help!
— Jane Kaminski via Trustpilot
Great advice. Would be happy to recommend others.
— Jerry Hayes via Trustpilot